Nasi Goreng Cina

Nasi goreng cina is one of the most popular meals in Malaysia. This fried rice dish is very versatile and can be eaten with almost anything. It is also a very healthy meal to have!

The main ingredients in nasi goreng cina are rice, boiled eggs, chicken and sotong. There are many variations of this dish and each has a different flavour profile.

This nasi goreng has a heavy Thai influence. It’s seasoned with tomyam paste, lemongrass, fish sauce and lime. It has a lot of heat and a sourness that is unlike any other type of nasi goreng.

Another popular variation is nasi goreng mamak, which is cooked with tofu and fish cakes. It is a very tasty and savory dish. It is also very popular and is often sold at cheap prices.

It’s a great choice for people who want to try nasi goreng without any meat, but who still want to enjoy the delicious flavors. It’s a very simple dish that’s easy to make.

The other variant is nasi goreng kampung, which is also cooked with soy sauce and bird’s eye chili (very tiny but spicy). It has anchovies in it, as well as water spinach. It’s a delicious nasi goreng with a strong Thai flavor that is often eaten by people who are Muslim.

You can cook nasi goreng with either hot or cold cooked rice. The difference between these two is that hot cooked rice is a little sticky and harder to stir fry in the sauce, while cold cooked rice is a bit drier and easier to stir fry.

Having said that, it’s very easy to make a great nasi goreng with cold cooked rice. You simply have to make sure that you cool the rice down as soon as possible before cooking it in the pan. This is important because it allows the sauce to penetrate the rice better, so that the flavours can really shine through!

It is a good idea to add the ABC Sweet Soy Sauce to your nasi goreng as this will help give it the signature colour and flavour. This is one of our most popular kecap manis products in Australia and it’s the perfect way to kick off your nasi goreng with an Asian twist!