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Getting Started in Emirates Business Class

Emirates is one of the biggest players in the world when it comes to in-flight premium products. Featuring the largest fleet of Airbus A380-800s and a host of standout features like private first class suites, in-flight showers (reserved for first class), and stand-up lounge bars in business and economy, Emirates is an airline that’s hard to beat in terms of its service and products.

The A380 is the world’s largest commercial aircraft, with Emirates boasting 123 of the giant jumbos in its fleet. While some airlines have scuttled the huge jet to make way for more modern aircraft, Emirates has decided to stay the course and will continue to fly its A380 super-jumbos into the future as travel demand continues to skyrocket.

It’s no secret that these massive planes are a dream to travel on, with the cabin being so spacious and the seats so comfortable that even those who don’t fly regularly will feel right at home. So it’s not surprising that many passengers have become obsessed with the airline’s Airbus A380-800 business class.

Getting Started in Business Class

The first thing that you’ll notice about the A380-800 is how oversized it is. It has a whopping 76 business class seats spread across the upper deck, making it one of the largest airplanes to ever take to the skies. That’s more than double the number of Emirates’ 737-800s, so the airline is clearly aiming for a competitive edge with this cabin.

Seats are arranged in a staggered layout, with each seat facing forwards to make for a flat bed. These are the same kind of seats you would find in a hotel room, and they’re extremely well-appointed, with a full length TV screen, a mini bar, and a separate storage compartment on the left side of the seat that fits your feet when you are lying flat.

But the biggest feature of these massive business class seats is that they have lots of storage space, including huge compartments on the sides of the seats. There’s also an in-seat tablet that allows you to control your flight from your seat, allowing you to navigate the in-flight menus without having to reach for a remote.

Another amazing feature of these seats is that they fold out to make into a flat bed – a great way to get a good night’s sleep on long flights! There’s a shelf that slides down under the seat when you are lying flat, which means you have plenty of space to store your stuff when you’re sleeping.

There’s also a large storage area underneath the window ledge, which is great for keeping a small amount of your things.

The Lavatory

As you would expect, the business class toilets on the A380 are very nice. They have cloth hand towels, a rose mounted in the vanity, and a pullout drawer with dental kits to help you brush your teeth.

The only downfall of these opulent business class lavatories is that the water pressure isn’t as high as it is in other airplane bathrooms. This is particularly noticeable on longer flights, as it can be difficult to maintain a consistent pressure level while you’re sitting.

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